Newsletter Spring 2018

Hello fellow jewelry lovers,
Here we find ourselves in the Springtime of 2018 and we’re going strong!  For that, we are ever grateful.   Hard work, good luck, ceaseless inspiration from our stones and a dose of humor and fun keep these engines well oiled and running smooth.  
Our annual trip to the Tucson Gem Show did not disappoint. We came back with a rainbow of pretties for our year and beyond. We carefully curated the finest selections we could find of our tried and true classics, like turquoise and opal, and we discovered new materials like Opalized Petrified Wood from Indonesia and incredible Dendritic Agates from India.  We especially took a fancy to any Jasper (or Agate) that displayed scenes or pictures within the stone.  We focused particularly on historic material from our home state of Oregon, with names like Biggs, Deschutes, Priday Plume, Morrison Ranch, Owyhee and Rocky Butte… the list goes on and the earth never ceases to amaze.  
With the longer days and the sun coming out, so are the rock saws.  Over the past year we’ve collected more material to cut ourselves in our lapidary studio, and we’ll be expanding our experience in the realms of cutting stones as well… exciting times!  
Forever the student, and always learning, we continue to make our one of a kind jewelry in our Portland Oregon studio.  If you’re so inclined, please check out our recent update on our Website and our Etsy shop for our latest and available work.   You can keep track of us on our social media accounts, and check our show schedule in our events section of our website.  (Which we’ll be updating as our schedule shapes up for the summer.)  And if ever we’re in your area, we’ll let you know with an official show announcement.
We hope this finds you well and good, trucking along in this auspicious year of 2018.  Thanks for supporting our endeavors and being interested in our happenings!  
Be well and Be Kind,
Amy Buettner and Tucker Glasow