Amy Buettner and Tucker Glasow began working together in the year 2000.  Their talents melded naturally in the medium of jewelry and together they forged a grand love and knowledge of the outstanding stones they use.   They have developed a style that expresses their reverence of the natural world and historical adornment.

They fabricate their one of a kind jewelry pieces using sterling silver and high karat golds. Each stone is chosen for it’s exceptional quality.  Some of these materials they cut themselves in their lapidary studio.  They continue to learn about the vast world of minerals, chasing after the stories of the old time materials, and discovering new worlds of possibilities when it comes to techniques and stones.

Their aim as artists is to create jewelry pieces for the wearer to enjoy as personal heirlooms and affirmations of the owner’s spirit.

Amy learned her skills from a myriad of people and places. Working with jewelers across the country and graduating with a Fine Arts degree in Jewelry and Sculpture in 1994 from Oregon College of Art and Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art.  Tucker studied Video Broadcasting and Photography at Lane Community College in Eugene Oregon.  They  live in Portland Oregon, where they've conducted their business for over eighteen years.